1What is the best way to contact you?
The best way to contact us is by email [email protected]. That way we can get to your query when we are at our desks, due to the nature of the business we are sometimes onsite. It also means everything you are looking for, all your dates, delivery details etc are logged and we won't miss a thing.
2I want to collect my balloons, were are you located?
You can collect you balloons from us and save on delivery charges. We are located at - K4 Drinan Enterprise Centre Swords Enterprise Park Swords, Co Dublin K67 YY01 Google maps location We will have your order ready for collection at the agreed time. We also put your balloons in balloon bags to keep your balloons clean & fresh.
3Where do you deliver to? And how much does delivery cost?
Everything including balloon arches and big installs can be delivered to Dublin and surrounding area. Luxury party supplies are available nationwide. Helium Balloons & Deliveries by confetti balloons costs €15. Luxury party supplies are delivered by courier and costs €6.50.
4What days do you deliver?

We deliver set up for parties, weddings and events Mon-Sat however if you have a Sunday event please email us on [email protected] and we'll see can we can help.

5What are your opening hours?
Our office is open between 9am - 3pm Mon-Fri for new enquires. The best way to contact us is by email. We deliver balloons Mon-Sat to Dublin and surrounding areas. We can cater for large events / weddings etc 7 days a week, we need to look at Sunday jobs on a case by case basis.
6How long do the balloons float for?

This again depends on the balloon.

Normal latex balloons would have a very limited float time, approx. 10-12 hours however confetti latex balloons can be shorter again. We would generally try to blow these up ready for deliver or collection as near to the party time as possible.

Bubble balloons (Gift/confetti balloons) are made from a see through stretchy plastic and have a significantly longer float time. They generally last a week to 10 days. However, we have had reports of significantly longer than that even. However, they do look their best earlier on.

Preferably we like to blow up bubbles on the day of your party or event so they look at their very best.

Foil number/ character balloons have a float for 2-7 days.

Giant 3ft solid colour and confetti balloons would have 3 or 4 day float time.

7How much notice do you need?

For weddings and events we would like as much notice as possible.

However, for smaller jobs and presuming we are not off site at another event or extremely booked out, we will endeavour to help even with a little as 24hours notice. You would need to contact us by email to confirm for last min orders within 3 days.

All our balloons, including our gift balloons do require a certain amount of craft work that takes time, so as much notice that you can give is appreciated.

We always recommend booking early to avoid disappointment, especially at busy periods including;

May for communion season, summer months for Weddings and of course December for Christmas

8Can you personalise my balloons to match my colour scheme?

We will always try to accommodate your vision for your party or event or gift. We are always open to your ideas. Just contact us and we’ll discuss the options available.

9I want something different on my balloon is this possible?

Yes, we can write whatever short message you would like on your balloon.