Platinum Champagne balloon bunches
Platinum Champagne foil balloon bunches
23rd September 2020
pastel balloon bunches
Matt foil balloon bunches
23rd September 2020
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Pastel pink, silver & white foil balloon bunches


Collection or delivery to the greater Dublin area only.

These stunning helium filled foil balloon bunches, come in bunches of 3, 5 or 12 balloons & are attached to a weight.

Foil balloons will float for a few days and still be perfect. So they can be purchased the day before the event.

Simply select how many balloons per bunch, and how many bunches you would like. 

Please note the balloon hoop shown is the image is not included & if required please purchase separately.



What shape would you like? *

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Our Balloon Hoops are a show stopper. A really beautiful piece of balloon art if we do say so our selves. The perfect gift or decoration for any party big or small. Because the are air filled (not helium) they last weeks still looking as adorable as day 1! Then your personalised message or wish in the middle of the hoops is a keep sake for ever.

Now an easy to manage /transport size (the hoop itself is approx 60cm in diameter) and on a handy side so you can simply place it where ever you wish.